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Anthropology Financial Support

Our graduate students receive financial support for up to eight years. 

Year 1-5 graduate students receive:

Full payment of tuition fees, plus stipend/salary and first year of non-resident tuition paid

A portion of the stipend/salary will be paid through an academic student employment (ASE) which includes graduate student researchers (GSRs), teaching assistants (TAs) or readers for an undergraduate course. Each of these employments cover tuition, graduate student health insurance (GSHIP) and has a monthly salary. The remainder financial support will be in the form of a Research Fellowship to work on a research project of their own.

Students apply for California Residency their second year to avoid non-resident tuition fees. International students are not eligible for California Residency, the Department will pay up to 4 years of nonresident tuition. When international students advance to candidacy their nonresident tuition is waived for a maximum of three consecutive years.

Year 6-8 graduate students receive:

Up to two years of fee waiver support while doing fieldwork

Doctoral candidates often pursue dissertation fieldwork or other research away from campus. The department guarantees up to two years of resident registration fee waiver for doctoral candidates conducting research outside of California. No stipend is included.

One year of fellowship support (for dissertation write-up)

The department provides a one-year Research Stipend for a research fellowship. We also provide a few scholarship that will pay fees (excluding non-resident supplemental tuition, if any). This year of support is specifically designated for dissertation write-up.



Students are also encouraged to apply for Fellowships offered at UC San Diego and through outside organizations/institutions. To learn more visit the Grad Division


Financial Aid

For additional financial support students can apply for Financial Aid. Financial assistance is detailed in the Application for Graduate Admissions. Be sure to check the Financial Assistance Requested box indicating that you intend to apply for need-based financial aid and file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by March. (Foreign students are not eligible for need-based financial assistance.)

The UCSD school code for your FAFSA is 001317.