Visiting Lecturers & Professors

  • Jon Bialecki

    Jon Bialecki

    Ph.D. in Anthropology, UC San Diego

    Research Interests: Anthropology of North America, Anthropological Study of Christianity, Pentecostal and charismatic Christianity, Anthropology of Mormonism, Science and Religion. Sociocultural anthropology, anthropology of religion, anthropological theories of subject and self, anthropology of temporality, political anthropology, politics and religion, political theology, language ideology, linguistic anthropology, anthropological theory, anthropology and ontology, continental psychoanalytic theory.


    Fall 2017    ANSC 124: Cultural Anthropology

    Winter 2018    ANTH 1: Introduction to Culture

  • Esin Duzel

    Esin Duzel

    Ph.D. in Anthropology, UC San Diego

    Research Interests: Anthropology of War and Violence, Sexuality and Gender Studies, Postcolonialism and Decolonization, Critical Cultural Studies of Asia, Africa and the Middle East, Political Anthropology, Feminist Theory, Anthropology of Body and Emotions, Trauma, Loss and Memory, Kurdish Studies.


    Fall 2017        ANTH 23 (B): Debating Multiculturalism

    Winter 2018    ANTH 21: Race and Racisms

    Spring 2018    ANTH 21: Race and Racisms

  • Marni LaFleur

    Marni LaFleur

    Ph.D. in Anthropology, University of Colorado Boulder

    Research Interests: biological anthropology, human and primate evolution, osteology, conservation. Click here for more


    Fall 2017       ANTH 2: Human Origins
                          ANBI 148: Not by Genes Alone: Evolution, Behavior, & Ecology

    Winter 2018   ANTH 102: Humans Are Cultural Animals  
                          ANBI 133: Planet of Apes: Evolution and Ecology


  • Jocelyn Minsky-Rowland

    Ph.D. in Anthropology, University of Tenneesee, Knoxville 

    Research Interests: Biological anthropology, bioarchaeology, paleopathology, paleodemography, forensic anthropology, human osteology, human anatomy.


    Fall 2017       ANBI 145: Bioarchaeology


  • Olga L. Olivas Hernandez

    Olga L. Olivas Hernandez

    Ph.D. Social Sciences with emphasis in Social Anthropology, El Centro de Investigación y Estudios Superiores en Antropología Social (CIESAS)


    Fall 2017        ANSC 105: Global Health and Inequality


  • Paula Saravia

    Paula Saravia

    Ph.D. in Anthropology, UC San Diego

    Research Interests: Global Health and Inequality, Racisms, Gender, Health and Development, Indigenous Medicines, Cultural Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases, History of Medicine, Latin America.


    Fall 2017          ANSC 121: Psychological Anthropology
                             ANSC148: Global Health and Cultural Diversity

    Winter 2018      GLBH 20. Introduction to Global Health
                              GLBH 150A. Global Health Senior Capstone

    Spring 2018      GLBH 150B. Global Health Senior Capstone
                              ANSC 106: Global Health: Indigenous Medicines in Latin America

  • Alex Stewart

    Alex Stewart

    Ph.D. in Anthropology, UC San Diego

    Research Interests: Islamic revival, ethnic identity in modern China, multiculturalism, cultural anthropology, East Asian societies, Chinese American culture, anthropology of religion, transnational identities


    Fall 2017        ANTH 23 (A): Debating Multiculturalism

    Winter 2018    ANTH 23: Debating Multiculturalism